“The Only Way Is Up” featuring Messiah J. Jacobs!

Uncle Earl Presents “The Only Way Is Up” featuring Messiah Jacobs!





In today’s show join me for an emerging master in the digital entertainment arena.

President of Four Screens Production Messiah J. Jacobs has joined the Producers Guild of America, arguably one of the most sought after guilds for Hollywood’s elite.

Jacobs has been on the foray of the digital movement in entertainment for the past 10 years. 

Musical Artists

Tantra Zawadi & James Vargas, Ayo Salonke, Auron, Anjali Ray, Eshon Burgundy, Dolls Combers, Patrick Scott, Dem Boyz ft. Gorgeous Magnus & Steel, Makuta, K. Avett, Philip Brandon.

Broadcast # 232

Duration 1:32:17

Air Date 3/9/15



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