Lacy Darryl Phillips aka “The Uncle Earl”​ presents the 7th Anniversary return of “The Ultimate Underground Experience”​ Radio Show!

Ladies & Gentlemen & Underground Dwellers….R U READY!!!!!!!!

Lacy Darryl Phillips aka “The Uncle Earl” presents the 7th Anniversary return of

“The Ultimate Underground Experience” Radio Show on KLED Live FM Los Angeles starting Monday, January 30, 2017

It is not your typical Top 40 Music Show but it is a Talk Show with Music which takes the listeners around the globe on a journey through Sound, Time & Space.

A confluence of past, present and future trends within the world and the arts!

The broadcasts are diverse, entertaining and thought provoking, while you get your groove on.Just imagine, an actual Reality show on the Radio…….seeing what you are hearing, in your mind’s eye…..

The programming consists of music from major and independent Artists across genres,

interviews from prominent figures and professionals highly active in various fields

on the “Wheel Of Life,” up close and personal profiles & ‘On The Scene’ reporting!

Catch The Wave…..Feel The Vibe!


Tune In:

Mondays at 1pm (PST)/4pm (EST) & 7pm (PST)/10pm (EST)

Wednesdays at 1pm (PST)/4pm (EST) & 5pm (PST)/8pm (EST)

Saturdays at 1pm (PST)/4pm (EST) & 7pm (PST)/10pm (EST)

1 Hour Broadcast


Uncle Earl

Creator/Producer/Host/DJ of The Underground Experience with Uncle Earl. The show airs every Wednesday 4pm - 5pm (PST) and Simulcast around the world on KCLA-FM (99.3FM) Los Angeles since January 2010, also Monday, Thursday & Saturday on KLED Live (91.1FM) at 9am & 9pm an On-Demand at The Southern Star Network! My performance and production career spans Broadway, TV, Film, Music Videos & Sound Recordings.