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“6th Anniversary Ascendance”

The Ultimate Underground Experience Presents ‘The 6th Anniversary AscenDance Special’

6th anniversary

In today’s show, The Uncle Earl proudly celebrates 6 successful years as an On-Air Radio Personality and the acquisition of new markets, new audiences and new music! This show is dedicated to all the fans, artists, musicians, listeners around the world and my family!

 Musical Artists (In Order Of Appearance):

Allen Stone, Soja, Curbi, Meg Mac, Matthew Schultz ft, Jim Jones & DJ Surinder Rattan, John Tibbs, Bruno Muller ft, Max Mutzke, Ben DJ, Pell, The Wailers.

 Special Thanks:

Radioactive Broadcasting Network, Music Xray, Noisetrade,  Musik & Film, Ideedeluxe, Noisetrade, Spinnin’ Records, Musik Lounge, ATO Records, Earl Hitz Records, Donald Tyler.

 Air Date 2/1/16

Broadcast #261

Duration 0:55:13

“In The Chill Zone”

The Ultimate Underground Experience Presents ‘In The Chill Zone’


In today’s show, Uncle Earl takes you on a journey through the winter wonderland of music from around the world. This show is dedicated to Mr. Frankie Knuckles, The Godfather of House Music!
Musical Artists (In Order Of Appearance):
Kriswontwo ft. Nicholas Ryan Grant, Malaya, Zed Bias ft. Jenna G., Lowland Hum, Nekokat, Poetic Lace, Raslett, Cynthia Morgan, Resh, The Lowlites, Kokuba, Jorell, Seitlos ft. Timotion, Burak Yeter & Delaney Jane, Skyfever, Andy Allo, Anderson East, DJ Don Ray Mad & The Uncle Earl.
Special Thanks:
Radioactive Broadcasting Network, Music Xray, Noisetrade,  Musik & Film, Ideedeluxe, LinkedIn, Noisetrade, Washington Square Records, David Sylvester, Frisc2Productions,Gotta Records, Big Bull Records, Earl Hitz Records, Donald Tyler.
Air Date 1/25/16
Broadcast #260
Duration 1:37:56

“Perspective Rhythms 2016”

The Ultimate Underground Experience Presents Perspective Rhythms 2016

perspective rhythms

In today’s show, Uncle Earl says Goodbye to the Old and Hello to the New!
We have all been witnessing Trials and Tribulations on a Global scale but with Humility and Perseverance, We will all make it through.  It is time to Claim and Stand in Your Greatness!
I offer Blessings, Love & Magic through Song and Messages. I also take a moment to acknowledge fellow Artists who have crossed over this past year!
Special Blessings Announcement
The  Holiday Release Of “The Uncle Earl Underground Dance Experience” 5 Track EP on IB Music Records in Ibiza, Spain. Thank You Mr. Enrico Mason! Featured on this project is DJ Antonio Grassia, Sava Boric, DJ Briard, DJ Mok Jay, Alex Psaroudakis, DJC Productions!
Musical Artists (In Order Of Appearance):
DJ Antonio Grassia ft. The Uncle Earl, Gospel Lee, Broken Gold, Born Cages, DJ Hamada ft. Jorell & Mokobe, DJ Nick Havsen, Resh, Vibration Lab, The Legendary Fake, Chris davis aka S.L.A.P., Wendy Walker, McCormick, Danny Roberts, Roky Can aka Dany Devero, Jrome Andre & Unique2Rhythm, The Bear & The Bride, Circadian Clock, Ivotion, Chris Jasper,Marie Riachi ft. Sevine, Andre Howie, Mothxr, DJ Briard ft. The Uncle Earl.
Special Thanks:
Radioactive Broadcasting Network, Music Xray, Noisetrade,  Musik & Film, IB Music & Booking, Soul Tracks, Ideedeluxe, LinkedIn, Reggae Roast, Noisetrade, Mastermind Promotions/Michael Eastwood, Washington Square Records, Cub Casual Music./Label Worx Ltd., Donald Tyler.
Air Date 1/4/16
Broadcast #259
Duration 2:04:55

Ritch Esra

“The Uncle Earl’s Xmas Presence” Featuring Mr. Ritch Esra, Publisher/Editor – The Music Business Registry

In today’s show, Uncle Earl let’s it all hang out in the romp through the Winter Wonderland of Music and Business. My special guest, Ritch Esra, drops some knowledge regarding the direction of the Entertainment Industry, how the Artists can survive during this transitory period, the influence of Technology on the Business and new developments to look out for.

 Musical Artists (In Order Of Appearance):

Teri Tobin, Wax Audio & George W. Bush Jr., Zak Zuul ft. The Uncle Earl, Jennifer Paige,

Ron Aven, Stay foolish aka IO Hustle, Ed Munter, Ra-Sool ft. Naomi, Sava Boric ft. The Uncle Earl,

Plastic Jesus, Ava DuPree, Thomas Rhyant, Trevor Sewell, Elias Djota ft. Mos Def, Don Ray Mad, Dwayne Tyree ft. Shannon, Sandra Reaves-Phillips, Jervallo, Eye-Spy, Hosny, Bryce Hitchcock, Jon Kennedy Federation, Wally Holmes ft. Miguelli, DJ Juan Madrid ft. Thane (Carlos Kinn Remix), Matt Newton, Laurel Moore.

 Special Thanks:

Radioactive Broadcasting Network, Music Xray, Noisetrade, Metal Postcard Records, Musik & Film, Big Bull Records, Ritch Esra & The Music Business Registry, Marishka Shanice Phillips, Donald Tyler.

 Air Date 12/21/15

Broadcast #258

Duration 2:14:43

“The Bulldog, DJ Willow & Rozee”

John Petrocelli Bull Dog DM

In today’s show,

Uncle Earl breaks bread with John Petrocelli, Founder/CEO of Bulldog Digital Media

following Digital Hollywood Summit at the Ritz Carlton Marina del Rey.

We discuss his journey from Boston as a tech student

to become a top leader in the digital music and media industry.

John founded Bulldog Digital Media in 2012

to optimize the quality of live-streamed concerts, festivals, special events across all platforms.

A special part of Uncle Earl & The Ultimate Underground Experience’s mission

 is to nurture and support up and coming talents.

Well today,

I present my Australian correspondent, DJ Willow,

in an exclusive interview with Rap Artist Rohan Hay aka Rozee.

There will be a potpourri of music styles

interwoven with some pearls of wisdom

from 30 Top CEO’s from around the world.

Musical Artists 

(In Order Of Appearance):

The New Schematics, DJ Willow, Rozee, The Suffers, 2Manynoise, Wes, Raffunk ft. Gushi,

Zoe Zac, Hugo ‘WP HGG’ Giner, Makuta, Bigmouthben Tha Hustler, Youn Sun Nah,

Jovenes Coronel Godoy, Gospel Lee ft. Jordan Taylor, Da Creme.

Special Thanks:

Radioactive Broadcasting Network, Music Xray, Noisetrade,

ole Bluestone, Revitalized Records, Metal Postcard Records, Alltum,

Caroline Andoscia/Andoscia Communications, Marishka Shanice Phillips, Donald Tyler.

Air Date 11/10/15

Broadcast #257

Duration 1:54:57

“Wine & Songs”

The Ultimate Underground Experience Presents 

Wine & Songs 

wine music notes(1) 

In today’s show,

Uncle Earl takes you on an East coast/West coast

jaunt through the vineyards and over the hills of Music.

My special guests Michael Houlihan & Bonnie Harvey (Barefoot Wine Founders)

join me for a candid conversations about their rise

from nothing to become one of the most celebrated

Wine companies in the Industry and the World!

You may ask yourself how they did it?

Well…… They took it to one of the fastest growing wine brands in the nation,

and they sold internationally, as well.

Michael Houlihan & Bonnie Harvey created the DNA that resulted in huge growth,

and that is what they are sharing with other entrepreneurs now.

Also last week,

Uncle Earl was invited to Comic Book Night

at the world famous Webster Hall

to meet and greet the November Starlight Artist Group NOHC.

 They are a powerhouse EDM trio that is taking the Music scene by storm.

Musical Artists (In Order Of Appearance):

Ionie, Andrew Howie, Trevor Sewell, Aaaron Nigel Smith & 1 World Chikdren’s Chorus,

Jayme Smith Project, Curtis Blandon, Goldie ft. Diane Charlemagne, NOHC,

Joey Fimmano, Melba Moore, Bobby Caldwell ft. Deniece Williams & Eric Biddines,

Kohner Rice, Jimmy Cliff, Starlight Pharoah, Karine Da Silva,

Ray Charles & Ricky Skaggs, Kolortone ft. Barry Solone.

Special Thanks:

Radioactive Broadcasting Network, Music Xray,

Musik & Film, Productions, Noisetrade,

Soul Tracks, LinkedIn, Ego Records, Revitalized Records,

Berna-Liza Barrera/Barefoot Wine,

Marishka Shanice Phillips, Donald Tyler.

Air Date 11/2/15

Broadcast #256

Duration 2:00:45

‘Sounds Of Vision’

sounds of vision

The Ultimate Underground Experience Presents 

Sounds Of Vision 


In today’s show, Uncle Earl takes you on a supercharged musical journey around the world,

 through the woods and over the hills.

There is something for everyone in this tour de force of sound! I leave no style unturned….

won’t you come!

Musical Artists (In Order Of Appearance):

John Carey, Ajay Mathur, Alex Buchanan/Carmenne Chiasson,

DJ Soak ft. Anderson Paak, 3D The Boss, Roger Ortega, Andrea Godin, Karl Wolf,

Quantic & Anita Tijoux, Ahmad A. Al Haggar, Natalia Mateo, Melania,

 D Silver, The Bride & The Bear, Skeewiff,

Santi & Tu?Ce Kurti, Biawak, Khago, Lessen 7,

 Broken Wing, Anushka’s Empire, Martin Solveig

Special Thanks:

Radioactive Broadcasting Network, Music Xray, Gico Records, Musik & Film,

Corage Records, MexMix Productions, idee deluxe records, Noisetrade,

King I-Vier, Musik Lounge, Marishka Shanice Phillips, Donald Tyler.

Air Date 10/20/15

Broadcast #255

Duration 1:54:06

“Faith, Passion & Power”

The Ultimate Underground Experience Presents 

Faith, Passion & Power 

Guest Speakers 

(In Order Of Appearance):

Chita Rivera, Carmen De Lavallade, George Faison,

David Robertson, Louis Johnson, KiKi Shepard,

Dr. Bob Lee (WBLS Air Personality), Mark Ciccarelli (CG2 Group at Morgan Stanley),

Max Beaulieu (Avant Garde Mgmt), Terra Renee (AAWIC),

Mark Jaffe (Greater New York Chamber of Commerce),

 Write Girl LA, Hon. Jumanee Williams, Peter Ciccone (New York RX Card),

Roger Maloney (Ufront Media),

Howard Tomlinson (The Tomlinson Agency), Alexis Marie (Poet), Mikey Jay (Artist).

WES Honorees:

(In Order Of Acceptance)

Laurens Grant (Producer), Genevieve Michel-Bryan Broadcast Director),

Rosalind Clymont Executive Editor), Flo Anthony (Journalist/Author),

Carla Hunter Ramsey (Executive Programs Director), Jeanine Daniels (Rising Star).

Musical Artists 

(In Order Of Appearance):

Will & Anthony Nunziata, Kevin Smith Kirkwood, Lillias White,

Dalesia Cearcy, Alyson Williams, Rasheeda Wallace,

Taylen, Tanya Alexander, Kandi Girlz, NOHC.

Special Thanks:

Radioactive Broadcasting Network, Music Xray,

TAM Music Consulting/Terry McGill,

Frisc2 Productions/Jeff Francisco,

Thompkins Marketing,

Marishka Shanice Phillips,

Donald Tyler,

Evelyn Smith.

Air Date 10/13/15

Broadcast #254

Duration 2:13:12

“Pulse Of The City”

“Pulse Of The City”

Featuring Ocktober Film Festival & Local Talent Connect

Guest Interviews:
Peter James Iengo (Indelible Films), Vincent Louis Marra (Actor/Dancer), Emelyn Stuart (Producer), Nestor Martinez (Model/Singer), Julius B. Kelly (Filmmaker), Todd Wharton (CEO), Mikey Jay (Actor/Producer/Award Winning Artist), Marishka Shanice Phillips (Actress/Director/Marishka Phillips Theatrical Preparatory)
Musical Artists Play List:
J Givens, Alberta Cross, GuiGuiSuiSui, Ashley Reaks & Joe Hakim, Tim Gartz & Justin Beiber, Gappy Ranks,
Mikey Jay, June Bisantz, Fame Cult, Monom, Sionis
Special Thanks:
Radioactive Broadcasting Network, Music Xray, Revitalized Records, Noisetrade, Humble Beast Records,
Metal Postcard Records, Casual Music, No Ego Records, Donald Tyler.
Air Date 10/5/15 @ 12 Noon (PST)
Broadcast #253
Duration 1:40:32
Broadcast dedicated to the memory of Ben Cauley (Co-Founder/The Bar-Kays)
In today’s show, Uncle Earl invite you to indulge in the riches of Art, Fashion & Cinema which is bountiful in the Indian culture.
The Guest of Honor was Mr. Satish Modi (Founder/Chairman) Arts For India & International Institute of Fine Arts in India.
The night was to celebrate the live exclusive announcement of a new collaboration effort between Mr. Modi’s foundations and Columbia University.
I was invited by Ms. Susan Johnston (Director/New Media Film Festival and Friend) to AFI Presents INDIXIA which was a star-studded, power player event Hosted by the Bonham Art Gallery on Madison Avenue & 57th Street.
The festivities went on for 3 days but I was honored to catch the final day which consisted of a fine art & fashion auction and an Honoree Award Ceremony.
A special highlight was a candid sit down with Filmmaker/Actor/Entrepreneur Sean Stone. Also in attendance was Prince Sundaram Tagore (Fine Art Aficionado) among many other distinguished guests. The event coordinator was Mr. Bhuvan Lall.
Musical Artists Play List:
Kriswontwo ft. Skyzoo, Son Little, Radio Drive ft. Kevin Gullickson, Chris Matic, J. Givens, The Bar-Kays, A-Jay Mac, Tanya Holt, SOS Band, Guts & DJ Tom Shark, Terraway.
Special Thanks:
Radioactive Broadcasting Network, Music Xray, Revitalized Records Holland, Soul Tracks, Noisetrade, Alltum NL, Musik Lounge,Lovebeam/Making Music LLC., Donald Tyler, Susan Johnston, Arts For India, Bonham Art Gallery.
Air Date 9/28/15
Broadcast #252
Duration 1:31:47