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Ep. 86

Directed By Marishka Phillips (My Sis) Atta Girl :O))

Location: THE MIDTOWN THEATRE @143 West 46th Street
Time: ‎8:00PM Thursday, September 15th

The Underground Experience Presents “Airplay Direct Exclusive” with CEO Robert Weingartz featuring Bonnie Pointer!

Wed 9/14 4pm -5pm Tune into 99.3FM in Los Angeles  or (PC) or (MAC) or Listen Line 323 461 6675

Thurs 9/15 9am – 10am & 9pm – 10pm Tune into 91.1FM in Los Angeles or

Join my guest and I as we lay it down, chop it up and toss it to the side about Artists, Promotion & The Music Industry!

APD wasn’t an overnight success nor was it the first project for Weingartz.  This Los Angeles native had climbed the corporate ladder at industries throughout LA and Atlanta before making the transition to Music City.  He’s managed retail and restaurant environments, owned an operated a competitive independent label and managed artist before turning APD into a viable technology.  “It seems every large risk is always contingent upon how much you are willing to invest,” examines Weingartz.  “I risked it all and several mortgages and credit lines later this idea has grown larger than anything I could have initially imaged.  Now, the most exciting part is discovering how far to reach when my staff and I tackle new ventures.  We have some industrial progress coming and are happily pursuing advancements to make the evolution of distribution a fluid transition within the modern music industry.”

Musical Artists Include: Bonnie Pointer, Paul Lekakis, Lambert, Hendricks & Ross, Martin Egan, Luciana Souza &  Romero Lubambo.

Show# 86 Broadcast 4pm – 5pm Air Date: 9/14/11

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Airplay Direct

Robert Weingartz

Paul Lekakis

Lambert, Hendricks & Ross

Luciana Souza

Bonnie Pointer

Wed 9/7  4PM – 5PM The Underground Experience Presents “Lifestyles & Living” Featuring Shaunda Fry & Leo Frese of Heritage Auction House in Beverly Hills!

Fun….Fun…..Fun is all I can say!

Two of the most passionate, interesting and  down-to-earth people that I know!

You’re in for a real treat :O))

Musical Artists Include: Williams & Williams, Billie Holiday(NYC), Cara Lee & Jon Jeffrey (LA), Amy Can Be (UK), Human Cycle (Portugal), Burning Red Sun (New Jersey) & Barrun Runnes (Wisconsin).

Show# 85 Broadcast 4pm – 5pm Air Date: 9/7/11

Please tune in at: (PC) or 323 461 6675 Listen Line

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Shaunda Fry

Leo Frese

Williams & Williams

Billie Holiday

Cara Lee

Amy Can Be


Human Cycle

Burning Red Sun


Barrun Runnes

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