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Wednesday 4/20 4pm – 5pm (PST) Simulcast Around The World TRAVEL THE WORLD WITH THE UNDERGROUND EXPERIENCE featuring Producer/Arranger/Multi-Instrumentalist Kristian Matthiessen aka Forest Won from Copenhagen (Collabs with Dudley Perkins, Georgia Ann Muldrow, Ida Kudo, Thomas Piper, Johnny Price) Album Release Discussion with Award Winning Composer Mr. Louis Rosen and Broadway Actress/Singer Ms. Capathia Jenkins Wednesday 4/27 4pm – 5pm […]

Move On.Org

We don’t have a budget crisis in Washington. We have a moral crisis. When Congress can seriously debate forcing veterans into homelessness and cutting food aid to pregnant women and children, while giving tax breaks to billionaires, something is very, very wrong. That’s why this morning, I joined, along with the heads of seven other major progressive organizations, in an […]