New Show Line-Up “The Underground Experience”

The Underground Experience Radio Show Line-Up Every Wednesday 4pm – 5pm PST on KCLA-FM Los Angeles 3/30 MATT “THIRDRAIL” SHERMAN (Rapper), ERIC “EZ” ZULEY (Entrepertainer) & SAID FARAJ (HBO’s “Green Zone”, “Sinbad 5” & TMZ) Music Artists: SAIAH, THIRDRAIL & LOST CHILDREN OF BABYLON 4/6 ALL ABOUT MUSIC, LOVE, BLESSINGS & HEALING Musical Artists: BYELSKO featuring ALEX CARRENA, REMY DE […]


VIDEO update from Japan; How you can help and THE COVE have many friends and extended family in Japan. Our thoughts and prayers are with them throughout this ongoing crisis. Many of you know that we also had volunteers just a few miles from the epicenter of the earthquake. They witnessed the entire town of Otsuchi reduced to rubble […]


Dear fellow MoveOn member, I never wanted a handout. I just wanted to get my nursing degree and build the life I’ve dreamed of. I wanted to provide my daughter with the opportunities that my mother couldn’t give me when I was growing up. That’s my dream, but I’m afraid my dream is about to die. Republicans are trying to […]


Dear Lacy, There’s a new attack on LGBT rights in California. We need your help to defeat it. We’re sponsoring a bill, called the FAIR Education Act (SB 48, authored by Senator Mark Leno), that would ensure that all students learn in school about the contributions LGBT people have made to the history of California and the U.S. The Act […]

We Are Laying It Down For Ya :O)

  TODAY 3/23 Join Creators of “Ultimate Underground” Clayton Karush & Lacy (Uncle Earl) A Coast To Coast Music Jam and Teen R&B/POP Sensation MISHA ROSE & Twirl Entertainment (Mgmt) Musical Artists: Feel Good, Dehja Coluantono, All Of a Sudden, Jay Clayton, Mokave (Larry Karush), Aellyn Vallis & Misha Rose 4pm – 5pm (LA) Simulcast Around …The World at […]

Wenesday March 16 4pm – 5pm (PST) Simulcast Around The World :O)

Come Celebrate Women’s Month with Uncle Earl this Wednesday 4pm – 5pm (PST) featuring Filmmaker/Photographer Ms. Alex Morissen.  Musical Guests Include: Stephanie McKay, Rogue, Cynix, Sandra Reaves – Phillips, Ray Naccari, The Mike O Band, Nakia Henry, Lara Johnston, Puscifer, Tricky, Massive Attack and More! Direct links: m (PC) or (MAC) or Listen Line 323 461 6675  

Wed 3/9 Mr. Richard Lawson :O)

If You Missed it The 1st Time, Tune In & Check Out Our Up Close & Personal Chat On THE UNDERGROUND EXPERIENCE with Uncle Earl Wednesday March 9th 4pm – 5pm (PST) 7pm – 8pm (EST) Simulcast Around The World at Actor/Director Mr. Richard Lawson By: THE UNDERGROUND EXPERIENCE RADIO SHOW & ULTIMATE UNDERGROUND TV PROJECT Tune In & […]